What software or tool do I use to open the files?

There are no special requirements.. You just need to open it in your computer with Microsoft Word. We provide all file types so it suits your version.

What if I can’t open the files?

Contact Us and we will check the files further to assist.

Employers and Headhunters use special software to “detect” keywords in order to match to their requirements. Will this process still work on these templates?

It definitely will! They are in MS Word and the file format will still enable these software to detect texts as in any other normal Word document.

I don’t want to use a photo of myself, what should I do?

Best Resumes have template variations without photos or Black and White if coloured templates do not suit you. If you purchased a design with photo, you can certainly remove it and it does not affect the overall format or contents for that matter.

I don’t like the category names and labels, can I change them?

Absolutely! You have all the freedom to edit and modify as you wish.

What if I deleted my saved copy of the files?

Your file copies should be retained in your account. Login and you should be able to retrieve. If this has also been removed or corrupted, we will be happy to provide you another copy.

What if I have trouble editing it myself?

You can always get someone to help you out or get a Best Resumes Specialist to assist you. Just purchase the RESUME ASSISTANCE SERVICE as an add- on and we will get into it.

I have a problem during checkout, my payment failed?

Make sure you have a valid Paypal account. If not, you don’t necessarily need to register. You can use your Credit or Debit card from recognised bank institutions to pay upon checkout via the Paypal link that you will be prompted.
Bank transfers can be arranged by emailing us.
Cash payments are not accepted at this time.

I need a printed hard copy to use, do you have a resume printing service?

Best Resumes offer a Printing and Posting service. Checkout our Services in the store for more information and to checkout.

I am not sure of my contents, spellings and grammars, will you check these?

If you are editing by yourself, the user will be responsible in the proof reading of the contents. If you have purchased the RESUME ASSISTANCE SERVICE, our Specialist will take care of these during editing.

What if I did not get the job in the end, do you issue a refund?

If you have consummated the use of your purchased product, we cannot refund as you have already used it for its purpose.

There are many factors that determine the success of a job application. Rest assured that Best Resumes will assist in this regard via our shop and services.

I like more than 1 design, do you offer discounts for multiple templates purchase?

The designs for sale come with individual pricing that is already affordable as it is so no combined pricing is offered at this time.

Best Resumes will run promos and discount vouchers from time to time so you can use your promotional code during checkout.

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